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How long do brownies last?

April 26, 2021

How long do brownies last?

How long do chocolate brownies or other foodstuffs last? This is a frequently asked question by consumers.  

It is important to understand the difference between a use-by-date and a best-before date on foodstuffs.  Simply, this means a safety or a quality difference.

Most bakery products (but not all) such as cakes and biscuits, including chocolate brownies, are given a best-before date - a date which indicates quality rather than safety. Therefore these types of products may become stale, soft, dry or hard (depending on the type of bake) but they won’t be unsafe to eat if they are a little past their best-before date.

A use-by date indicates that your product could be unsafe to eat after the use-by date and shouldn’t be consumed, cooked or frozen after this date. Food may contain bacteria and if stored incorrectly, for too long or at the incorrect temperature, could cause food poisoning.  Even if you have stored a use-by date foodstuff correctly, you shouldn’t consume it after the use-by date.  Even if it smells okay (and  food sniffers we are talking to you here!) it may not be, as you can’t smell, see or taste harmful bacteria necessarily. Harmful bacteria which could make you feel unwell or worse, give you food poisoning. You will find use-by dates on fresh food products for example meat, salad, fish, dairy.  

How long do brownies last?

So how long will your Bluebasil chocolate brownies last? The answer to this question is very dependent on how many chocolate lovers you have in your household!

If you wish to  keep your chocolate brownies at their best-before date, or as long as possible, after delivery, we do have some care advice for you.

  1. Check the ‘best-before’ date given to the brownies on the base of the parcel (usually around 16 days from dispatch day).
  2. Bluebasil chocolate brownies keep best in the fridge, as soon as you can after delivery.
  3. Store  your brownies in an airtight container.
  4. You can also freezer them for 8-12 weeks (after this time they won’t be unsafe but will lose quality) and enjoy them at your leisure.

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