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Why are strawberries and cream served at Wimbledon?

June 27, 2021

Why are strawberries and cream served at Wimbledon?

This time of year we can’t help but think about sweet succulent strawberries, drizzled (or dowsed) in fresh double cream. Other than making your mouth water, what does this classic combo bring to mind?

Strawberries and cream are synonymous with Wimbledon, and the tradition is as old as Wimbledon itself. Starting in Victorian England, strawberries and cream have accompanied the tournament from its humble beginnings 144 years ago, through to its position now as the oldest and arguably most famous of the four tennis ‘grand slams’.

With Wimbledon taking place during summer, the reason spectators enjoy strawberries may be as simple as the seasons. The Victorians loved the seasonal fruit, but who put the cream in strawberries and cream?

Thomas Wolsey seems to be the man to thank. Wolsey was a powerful political figure in the government of King Henry VIII and an unpopular character in his day, but his favourite fruit may be the reason for this popular courtside snack. According to legend, King Henry VIII was served the delicacy for the first time at a banquet hosted by Wolsey. He turned cream from a food for the peasants into a perfect topping for wild strawberries, creating a dish fit to be eaten by the elite.

The simple pairing was an ideal solution to feeding hundreds of guests at banquets and tennis tournaments alike, and with Wimbledon taking place while strawberries are abundant, the dish was served at the first-ever Wimbledon match, starting a tradition that endures to this day.

Now served by the ton, spectators love to indulge in this winning combination courtside, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out if you’re watching from home. For a taste of Wimbledon with a Bluebasil twist, we’ve put together a little something to help you cheer on your favourite players.

Our summer brownie recipe

A beautiful dessert for a summer evening, barbeque or anytime at all.

  • Wash & chop fresh English strawberries
  • Dollop on your favourite ice cream, whipped cream or mascarpone
  • Chop, slice, dice or even grate (from frozen) Bluebasil chocolate brownie
  • Drizzle with chocolate sauce & chopped nuts
  • Garnish with fresh mint torn into pieces
  • Serve in cocktail glasses for a sophisticated dessert!

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