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Why sending Valentines brownies is the ultimate gift of love

January 20, 2022

Valentines Brownies | Valentines Day Gifts

Slip into a shared amorous catatonic state this Valentine's Day by gifting your loved one the sublime treat of chocolate brownies. The sensual indulgence of unwrapping and savouring these hedonistic sweet feasts will seal the love deal on the annual day of romance.

But best of all, our Valentines brownie collections arrive beautifully packaged with enough lip-quivering chunks for you both to share. There are many reasons why a Valentine's chocolate gift is the perfect way to express your affection - right throughout the passionate celebration's history.

The origins of Valentine's Day and why we send gifts

Much of how the annual day of love came to be remains a mystery, veiled by the passage of time. The earliest possible origin tale of Valentines Day is the pagan fertility festival of Lupercalia observed each year in Ancient Rome on February 15th. There was little romance to be seen on this day when the feasting was accompanied by sacrificial rituals followed by spontaneous acts of matchmaking.

Later, Emperor Claudius II had a holy priest by the name of Valentine executed for his part in marrying couples in secret in defiance of a law that banned matrimony. This martyrdom was honoured by the Catholic Church with the advent of St. Valentines Day, which was muddled together with Lupercalia by Pope Gelasius I in the 5th Century.

The tradition of giving gifts to lovers grew through the ages, with chocolate the sweet offering of choice thanks to its long-held reputation for possessing aphrodisiac qualities.

The sending of love notes and tokens of appreciation boomed with the advent of the post during Victorian times and the mysterious arrival of a gift from an anonymous secret admirer may well hark back to the covert lovematch ceremonies conducted by St. Valentine himself.

Chocolate brownies and their association with love

The chocolate brownie as we know it, wasn't invented until 1893. Renowned socialite Bertha Palmer instructed chefs at the Palmer House Hotel, one of Chicago's most opulent venues, to create a dessert that could be easily transported in boxes.

The hotel itself had been a gift of love from real-estate mogul Potter Palmer to his wife who was noted for her great beauty. The cooks under their employment came up with the chocolate brownie. And so the rich, fudgy, decadent morsel was born - intrinsically linked to a romantic tale of the age.


Gift luxury chocolate Valentine's Day brownies

Make the object of your affection's heart melt this February 14th with the delight of Valentine's brownie delivery.

Choose Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Valentine brownies to represent your love with the ruby red heart shape of the fruit long associated with kindness and fertility. The heady concoction of dark chocolate, long regarded as a potent aphrodisiac, with the tart-sweet plump juiciness of raspberry will have your amour hooked after one bite.

Or, opt for an assortment of 16 Valentine brownie pieces or a selection of 24 Valentines brownies to shower your heart's desire in irresistible chocolate splendour best served warm, slowly and seductively.

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