Twin Brownie Tray Flavours

Chocolate Truffle

Pure, unadulterated, rich chocolate brownie. If you love the simplest form of chocolate brownie topped with a smooth ganache then you will find this heavenly. Famous for it's fudgy, soft and rich texture.

Orange Truffle

French orange jus and extract of orange oil, subtly flavour this beautiful, smooth and fudgy chocolate brownie.  A sprinkle of sweet orange rind reduction on rich ganache tops off the mouth watering experience.

Turkish Delight

Musky rose oil extract infuses this smooth, rich chocolate brownie. Dark Belgian chocolate pieces are studded throughout, making this one of our most alluring chocolate brownies for a mature palate.

After Dinner Mint

The harmony of mint and chocolate unite, with extracts of exotic peppermint  & spearmint oil infusing  the rich brownie with dark Belgian chocolate chunks dotted throughout. Finished with rich chocolate ganache.

Toasted Hazelnut

Delicious, warming, nutty, toasted hazelnuts mixed with irresistible chocolate brownie. The chocolate brownie manages to keep it’s beautiful fudgy, soft and chewy texture. One for the nut lovers of course.

Honey & Himalayan Pink Salt

Inspired by the marriage of sweet & salty, this incredibly beautiful brownie is gently mixed with sweet, natural wildflower honey and  rose pink salt, hand harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas. Quite simply sublime.

Raspberry & White Chocolate

This brownie reminds us of fun summer days picnicking, barbecuing or playing out and enjoying life.  Raspberry pieces blended with Belgian white chocolate are simply delicious and a real crowd pleaser.

Black Forest

A sophisticated throwback to the 70’s glory days of dessert trollies. Pairing respectable pieces of dark chocolate with juicy dark cherries soaked in kirsch, and combined with rich, fudgy brownie. Topped with colourful glacè cherries & dark chocolate this is a true ‘Abigail’s Party’ moment.


All above flavours are available in our Twin Brownies Selection box - click here to view