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Classic Caramel Chunk Brownie


Caramel Chunk brownie boxOur Caramel Chunk Brownie is a Great Taste Award winner 2021. This fabulous brownie is filled with delicious Belgian caramel chocolate chunks full of exquisite caramel flavour. The caramel chunks are combined with Bluebasil’s signature smooth chocolate brownie to create a gentle and blissful flavour.

Seeing the market saturated with salted caramel brownies, which are quite often more runny goo than chocolate brownie, our baking team opted for something more sophisticated, which can still offer a satisfying ‘bite’ of Belgian chocolate from the caramel chunk within.

We created a unique brownie recipe of our own, where traditions are acknowledged but not strictly adhered to. Opting to create a more fudge-like texture, our team strived hard to find the perfect mouth watering and magical chocolate brownie.

The classic caramel brownie is the latest addition to the chocolate brownie range and now adored for its simplistic nature but beautiful flavour amongst loyal customers. It is available within our Assorted parcel and as an independent flavour parcel on its own.

Our packing team careful wrap and heat seal all of our chocolate brownie parcels before being beautifully packaged and boxed with string and vintage style greeting tags. All of our chocolate brownie gift boxes are available for delivery all over the U.K. and will be sure to be met with great anticipation and excitement when they arrive on the doorstep of your recipient.

There is nothing like receiving a thoughtful, personal and utterly delicious chocolate brownie gift delivered! You will make someone’s day - we promise.

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